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Spiritual Gifts Assessment

Do you know what your spiritual gifts are? You may already make great use of your gifts because you are drawn to help in areas that you are passionate about, and to use skills that come more easily to you.  Others may be confused about what their strengths really are and in knowing what to get involved in. Whatever the case, intentionally identifying your spiritual gifts is a very helpful exercise to do! Knowing your gifts gives you the freedom to sometimes say “no” to opportunities that don’t fit your mix, and gives you more eagerness to get involved in areas that you know you do have abilities in. Having a process to identify gifts also helps us as a church body to be able to recognize the diversity of gifts that are represented so that we can work more faithfully together for His Kingdom causes.

To help you discover your gifts more intentionally, please take 10-15 minutes to answer the following online survey.  

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